What I Offer

I can help making chemistry easier.


Why to choose Aseel Alkhatib as your teacher?

If you need help with chemistry then you are in the right place. You can find what you need from videos and solving problems, all gathered and being arranged in a Smart, Simple, Attractive way.


Whom I’m targeting?

My videos target students in high school, college, Ap,ACT,IGCSE and tawjihi courses, also target students studying nursing,pre-med, nutrition as well as students who need to complete basic chemistry requirements in college.


What topics I cover?​

The main topics covered in this platform are: Stoichiometry, Nuclear Chemistry, Atomic Structure, Periodic table, Covalent and Ionic bonds, Thermochemistry, Oxidation Reduction, Acids and Bases and Organic Chemistry.


Didn’t convenced yet?​

All my students who used my videos passed in their exams immediately, Why? Because I explain not only the subject I teach a method, a way of thinking, a way of gather all parts of the problem, connect them and make the whole simple idea.